Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Book of Dreams

Here's an illustration for Roger Omar's Book of Dreams I did:


With other contributors such as Renee French, Stk. Mtn, Max, Andrew Brandou, and Evah Fan it looks to be a great book. Each artist was able to choose a child's dream as recorded by Roger.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


It's my new porno comic, here's the press release:
AdultWebcomics is proud to announce its sixth, and final, launch series: Derek M. Ballard's Moon Boots. Derek currently draws covers and comics for SCREW magazine, as well as doing some work for Eros/Fantagraphics books recently. He will be in the Dirty Show in Detroit co-hosted by JUXTAPOZ in September. You can also see his stuff in the current issue of The Drama magazine.
When asked about his new comic, Derek said, "I've had the urge to do something along the lines of MOON BOOTS for a while now. I remember in high school, a friend of mine got caught with my copy of Eightball. (It was the issue where Clowes did the Freudian sports gag, phallic baseball bats and vulvular basketball hoops etc.) They kicked him out of school for having pornography! At that point I knew I had to be a dirty cartoonist. They seemed like some of the most powerful people on earth!
I wanted to bring this work to the web via because I want the world to see that not all underground comics these days are man-boy I love-my-girlfriend stories where the main character always ends up crying in the fetal position. C'mon, I know there has to be an audience for hot bi chicks in legwarmers doing monster bong hits, right? Or is it just me?"Derek's work displays a quirky line and a strong sense of composition," said the site's editor, Joe Botts. "It's also got a woman masturbating with a banana on the first page. What more could you ask for?" is a new portal designed to serve as a solid, attractive, and stable home for erotica and sexual humor in comics form, two kinds of comics that have been ignored by, or actively banned from, other webcomics portals.
You should check it out! It's wicked bad! You can see it in b/w in its entirety in SCREW magazine first. BUY IT!!!

mb banner

Monday, August 07, 2006


Alabama Society for Activity Vs Inactivity

Yeah, so stay tuned for the day-glo manifesto.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Knight's Tail


I made this mini-comic to give out at STAPLE in Austin a couple weeks back, only twenty copies.
When I got home Heather was cool enough to put it up on Lots of folks liked it, The Comics Reporter linked to it as well (thanks Tom!) Here it is:


I wanted to do something with the worn-out idea of the underdog. I think it lies at the heart of most comics, and, although done to death, is still worth exploring.